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A team
of architects ``NorthDesigners``

It is created by a group of experienced interior designers, graduates of the best schools and people with a great passion for what is beautiful and functional. We are aware of how responsible our work is. After all, we are responsible for the daily well-being of our clients, which is influenced by the interiors that surround them.

Contact us if you need a unique arrangement:

  • house or apartment,
  • offices,
  • service or commercial premises.

By working with us, you receive a package that includes:

  • complete technical documentation,
  • 3D visualizations at the final stage of work on the project,
  • technical drawings of all rooms,
  • a list of finishing materials to be purchased,
  • consulting support during execution works.

Projektowanie wnętrz warszawa

In addition to the basic design service, we offer:



which you would have to spend on visits to construction and furniture stores.



the materials we offer are durable and chosen for years.



by deciding to cooperate with us, you can be sure that you are under the care of experienced professionals.



we look to the future in our projects. We are aware of the changing needs of users over time. The solutions we use enable easy modernization of the interior.

Sharing our knowledge and experience with you is a real pleasure for us. Each client is a new inspiration for us, which makes each of our projects unique and unrepeatable.

Cooperation with us step by step:

MEETING– In person at our office, at the premises to which the order relates, at the construction site or by phone/Internet Messenger. It is now that we want to learn as much as possible about your expectations, tastes and the approximate budget you want to spend on the arrangement.

MEASUREMENTS– We collect the dimensions of all rooms. Depending on the situation, we measure ourselves or rely on the dimensions of the construction project.

AGREEMENTS– Together with the client, we analyze the arrangement possibilities. We make an initial selection of colors, furniture, equipment and their layout in the rooms.

VISUALIZATION– Based on previous arrangements, we create a 3D visualization of the designed interior. It is now that you can see for the first time what your new apartment will look like.

PROJECT– We prepare a complete detailed design. We attach particular importance to its transparency and accuracy.

This is a brief overview of the design process that you can go through together with our designer. At each stage, we care for smooth communication with the client and the ongoing implementation of his comments and suggestions.

Our headquarters is located in Warsaw and it is in Warsaw and the immediate vicinity that we carry out stationary orders. If the property whose interior you want to change is located in another part of the country, nothing is lost. We successfully carry out online orders throughout Poland!

Contact us today! Together we will create an arrangement that will delight you every day anew.